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The duration of an advisor’s term is decided by the Steering Committee. Advisors are included in GLAD Secretariat correspondence during their agreed term, and are able to contribute their views and provide advice, even though they may not vote.

The UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is a permanent advisor of GLAD, and will be invited to all GLAD Network and Steering Committee meetings.

Persons with disabilities and their representative organisations from developing countries/regions will be invited to all GLAD Network and Steering Committee meetings, as advisors. The GLAD Secretariat will determine who will represent persons with disabilities at any given meeting, taking into consideration nominations from the Steering Committee, and balanced representation of impairment type and geographical area across different meetings.

Existing GLAD Network members and advisors may recommend new GLAD advisors to the GLAD Secretariat. The GLAD Secretariat will review recommendations/nominations prior to making a recommendation to the Steering Committee on appointment, and duration of advisor status, based on the potential value of the individual/entity’s expertise to GLAD. A majority of GLAD Steering Committee members will decide on the appointment of the proposed GLAD member as an advisor.

List of Advisors: