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Existing GLAD Network members and advisors may recommend new GLAD Network members to the GLAD Secretariat. Alternatively, an entity may submit their nomination for GLAD membership to the GLAD Secretariat.

A recommendation/nomination must demonstrate how the recommended entity meets the GLAD membership eligibility criteria, as expressed in the GLAD Terms of Reference and reproduced below, including the entity’s mission statement, website link and a brief summary of its disability-inclusive development and/or humanitarian action activities and geographical focus.

Membership eligibility criteria:

The above types of entities are eligible for GLAD membership if they are contributing resources to enhance the inclusion of persons with disabilities in international development and humanitarian action.

Resources should be:

  • primarily financial, but may also include technical expertise;
  • provided internationally;
  • provided either directly or through a partnership; and
  • provided to support disability inclusion in developing countries.

The GLAD Secretariat will review membership recommendations/nominations against the membership eligibility criteria. If the nominated entity meets the eligibility criteria, the following additional considerations will guide GLAD co-chairs in making a recommendation on admission:

  • the number of members being admitted at any one time (in absolute numbers or in proportion to existing Network)
  • the balance among the entities on the Network (with regards to the type of entity, type of contributions to disability inclusion (financial or technical), and which developing countries/regions such contributions are supporting)

The GLAD co-chairs recommendation on admission will go to the Steering Committee for consideration. If a majority of the GLAD Steering Committee supports the entity’s admission as a GLAD member, this recommendation will go to the Network to consider. A majority of GLAD Network members will decide on the admission of the proposed GLAD member.

For further information on how to become a member, read the membership guidelines or contact [email protected]

Membership guidelines

For further information on how to become a member, read the membership guidelines, clicking on the button below