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The Five Goals of the GLAD Network

The GLAD Network members are committed to five main goals, as agreed in London, December 2015. The goals serve as a map to guide the GLAD Network Members, consistently with Article 32 of the CRPD, to work together to enhance the inclusion of persons with disabilities in international development and humanitarian action. 

The 5 GLAD goals are:

  1. Increase coordination of their disability-inclusive contributions 
  2. Learn from each other by sharing knowledge and resources 
  3. Amplify their common and united voice for maximum influence 
  4. Expand and diversify the community of partners contributing resources to disability-inclusive development and humanitarian action 
  5. Strengthen existing partnerships and disability inclusion within existing global development initiatives


The GLAD Network

To know more about the GLAD Network, click on the link below to go to "The Network" page